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As of June 14th the Black Forest Fire, Colorado's most destructive ever, has burned 15700 acres, destroyed 379 homes and now resulted in two deaths. 38,000 of people have been evacuated from their homes.

My firm has represented dozens of people who were victims of wildfires that were caused by the negligence of others. We have collected tens of millions of dollars in damages from parties responsible for causing wildfires.

We offer FREE CONSULTATIONS regarding fire losses, and can answer all your questions about how to collect damages from those responsible, how to deal with your insurance company and otherwise try to put your lives back in order after the tremendous losses that you have suffered. We have experts that we work with to prove both liability and damages, and we can mount the legal challenges necessary to maximize your recovery.

We can help you with your insurance claims. Insurance companies routinely try to pay you as little as possible. We can explain your coverage and your losses to you, and to your insurance company, to maximize your recovery and help you get every penny that you are entitled to. We can help you for an extremely low contingent fee, so you pay nothing unless and until we get you a recovery.

ALL CONSULTATIONS ARE FREE AND THERE IS NO OBLIGATION. We will work hard for you to maximize your recovery, and will honestly and promptly answer all your questions and guide you through the process of putting your lives back together and securing your financial future.

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