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Tom McFarland in his 1972 Mack pumper fire truck.
Tom McFarland, Fire Attorney

Tom and Zach McFarland
Tom and Zach McFarland, Fire Lawyers

The Fire Lawyers have been helping people for many years damaged by fires, people who have been injured, people cheated by their insurance companies, and other victims. Tom McFarland has over 31 years of experience and Zach McFarland has been helping people for over 9 years.

  • The Fire Lawyers are experienced in helping obtain damages for victims of fires. We have helped over 100 people recover money damages for the destruction of their homes, property and their finances.
  • Bigger cases need more fire lawyers. We can pull in additional expert fire attorneys including Gabe McFarland with over 12 years of experience and Luke McFarland with over 5 years experience.
  • We represent only victims of injury –we don't represent insurance companies or people who have caused fires.
  • We have sued power companies, huge international conglomerates, engineering companies, wealthy development ranchers, and others who have caused fires and wreaked havoc in the lives of our clients. We are not afraid to take on the big ones.
  • The Fire Lawyers have the expertise to prepare your case and get you a fair settlement or verdict.
  • We have working relationships with many expert witnesses, including electrical engineers, civil engineers, former power company employees, current power company executives, appraisers, cause and origin of fires, fire behavior, personal property appraisers, arborists, state and federal foresters, erosion experts, reforestation.
  • We can put together a team of lawyers who can work on your case. We can also team up with local lawyers in any state, or work with your local lawyer. We can assemble a team to provide the best representation for your case.

"We have the expertise to prepare your case and get
you a fair settlement or verdict."

~ Tom McFarland

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